May 10, 2012

Menu Board

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, been working on various projects. This menu board was actually a project I did last winter. I had seen something similar to it when my husband and I had gone on a trip to the Paiute Trail in central Utah. We visited a couple cute gift shops in the town of Marysvale, UT on my birthday, where I had seen a menu board someone had created. I loved the idea of it, and wanted to purchase it to hang in my kitchen, but since we were on ATVs I was afraid it wouldn’t survive the trip back to our Tahoe. So when I got home I started hashing out a plan to make one for myself.

I purchased a cheap $3 frame at Walmart, then bought vellum paper at Michael’s. The frame is 8 1/2”x11”, as is the paper. I printed out the menu header, as well as the letters for the days of the week on cardstock. I cut them out, then glued them onto the piece of vellum. I then printed out a background on a regular sized sheet of paper to put behind the vellum paper. I put everything into the frame, then waa laa, I had a menu board. I can plan a weeks worth of meals, and keep track of what I planned. I just use a dry erase marker, which wipes off the glass easily when I’m ready to change the menu. Just make sure, if you want to wipe it down with window cleaner to take it off the wall first. I made that mistake once, and ended up ruining the papers, because the cleaner got behind the glass. Ended up redoing it. Luckily it is easy, and cheap to put together.

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