April 6, 2012

Easter Arrangement

Incase you were looking for a beautiful, easy to put together arrangement for your Easter gathering, I thought I’d share this with you.
I made the mistake of putting this together last week, and it only lasted a few days before it wilted, but it was absolutely beautiful while it lasted. I would suggest doing it a day or two before Easter, so that it will still look stunning on the day of Easter.
I used limbs from my flowering plum trees, which I hung small glittered egg ornaments I found at Michael’s Arts and Crafts. I also found the clip-on butterfly, and Easter ribbon there. I used the green plastic grass that I had on hand from past Easters to stuff in the vase. It worked nicely since I wanted to put water in the vase to help extend the life of the flowered limbs. When I first put it together, the limbs hadn’t quite bloomed. There were buds all over them, and within a day or two they all started to bloom. All in all, it was very easy to put together, and very inexpensive.

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