September 14, 2012

DIY Vintage Pepsi Box

I was wanting a cute box to store all my paint brushes. I found this box at Michael’s, it was a set of 4 nesting boxes, varying in sizes.
This one was the largest of the 4, and most of my paint brushes fit in it perfectly. The box was unfinished, so I stained it with Minwax Golden Oak inside and out. I wanted to give it a somewhat distressed look, so after staining I scuffed up the edges a little bit with some sandpaper.

After staining, before sanding.
I love old vintage things, and since Pepsi is my drink of choice, I looked for a vintage Pepsi logo to put on both sides of the box. Once I found just the right logo, I printed it out with my printer. I taped it on the side of the box, then traced the logo pressing down just enough to leave an indent in the wood. I repeated the process for the other side of the box.
After tracing logo onto the box.
After I got the logo traced onto the box, I started painting it with acrylics. I put a white basecoat down first, then colored one side red, and the other side blue. Then I did the tedious job of outlining everything with black, with a fine tipped paint brush.
With white basecoat.
Once I finished painting the logo, I let it completely dry for a day. Then I took some sandpaper and scuffed up my paint job on the logo. I wanted to give it a little bit of a faded weathered look. When I was satisfied with the amount of distressing, I gently wiped it down with a slightly damp rag to remove all the dust from the sanding. I finished it up by sealing it with Minwax polyurethane clear satin. I’m really happy with how it turned out.
Finished product. :)

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