October 18, 2012

Outdoor Halloween Decorating

My kids and I have been having a lot of fun getting our house ready for Halloween. This is one of my favorite times of the year to decorate. I love the fall colors, and I have this crazy obsession with skulls and skeletons….Don’t ask me why. Lol

After I strung lights, the kids and I got started on the fun stuff. The first thing we put up was our scarecrow/pumpkin head man. I made him using some of my hubby’s old jeans, and an old flannel shirt. I stuffed him with old blankets and pillows. This year I gave him feet, since hubby had a couple extra pairs of shoes in the garage, and he didn’t mind me using one of them. Then I finished it off with a lighted artificial pumpkin. He looks so cool sitting on the bench on my front porch. Maybe next year I’ll find a way to give him hands…Lol

The next thing I put up were some skulls and skeletons. I just bought them this year. I don’t why, but I just love skulls. I really like how they added an extra eeriness to my Halloween d├ęcor this year. One of the skulls I hung on my door with my fall leaves wreath. The other skull I placed on the pot of my no soliciting sign.

The next thing we did, before putting up our skeletons, was string up some spider webs. We did a huge spider web in the corner by the front door. We wrapped it from the little window on my porch down to the pot, and pumpkin head on the bench. Then I added a bunch of little spiders, and one big one.

My daughter and I also wrapped spider webs around some rose bushes in the front yard. This was going to become our grave yard scene. I’m just hoping that getting the spider webs off from the rose bushes isn’t as hard as putting them on. My poor hands got poked and scratched by the thorns…lol.

Once we finished the webbing, we started laying out the grave yard. I had one skeleton that looks like he’s trying to come out of the ground. I placed him in the middle of two of the rose bushes, with a Styrofoam headstone at his head. The other skeleton I got was actually a bag of bones. For this one, I decided to over turn a wheel barrel, fill the area with dirt, then place the bones on the dirt. I also placed a headstone by the wheel barrel to make it look like it was going to be this poor soul’s grave.

I added a few more decorations to finish everything off. One of them was a tree limb I had cut off one of my trees, spray painted black, then put into one of the pots I had next to the steps leading to the porch. I then hung little bats from the branches with some clear string and placed some black garland inside the pot to cover the dirt. I arranged some mini pumpkins on top of the garland.

I also made some ghosts that I hung from the ceiling of the porch.

All in all I think everything came together nicely. I’m sure I’ll add to it next year, since this is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. :)

Night time lights.

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